I have ended the Friend block thinking about how magic could be the friendship and how ,sometime, we can feel close people we have never met.

By the way I can say I'm really happy for how the block has turned out.

So many bright colors and so fun in making.


Just for fun

A pentagons ball...useful for nothing...just for fun!



A new friend Kay has passed to me The Liebsters Award that is a simply way to share with the blog friends blogs we love with less than 300 follower.

I'm happy to indicate three nice place I love and where often I find inspiration:

I' m making this block thinking for a friend.

It's perfect for this post.



Only colorful projects in my classes!


Prize and progress

I won! I won!...I cant believe it!

I joined to the giveaway organized by my friend Grazia during the first week of January and today I received my prize!
A wonderful and colorful (as I like) shopping bag!
Thank you Grazia so much!

Look at what a cut label she have for her creations!

About my hexies they are growing to the point that it's hard keep all in one pic!


Unruly letters

Today I received the Tonya's book! It's great and colorful...
I love it!

I like so much the Tonya's quilts, her way to make letters and her stunning and unconventional hand quilting.

She is a great inspiration source and I'm happy to have her book.
Following her technique the last year I made the LOVE quilt (waiting for the right quilting inspiration ).
And, two or three years ago, the words for a little baby blanket.
Very very first free pieced letters experiment...really stiff and not so much liberated! :-)


For a new class

A hot pink Dresden plat as sampler....

....for an only just started new class I have given...


All the colors of hexies

The whole rainbow

The blues
The yellows and greens

The pinks
The purples


The question...

The hexies rosettes are growing...I love to make them and finally I have had the bravery to use some of the my beloved and more precious fabrics (old Heather Ross and Denyse Schmidt collections just to say someone).

Spontaneously I have made each one with fabrics in the same color combination even if I haven't any project in mind for them.

So the question is: where am I going?
...and you, dear hexies addicted, what is your project?
...have you a layout in mind for your hexies or simply do you follow the fun?
I 'm curious to know...



The early rosette!

The first angle is away to be perfect...

...but the back is quite good...

what do you think Hilde? :-))

See more nice hexies at the Flick group I have joined in.


New Year and the winner

Hope the 2011 could be joyful and healthy for all of you!

And now is the time!

I'm happy to say that the winner number is


Mokkakissa that said:

"I hope you had a nice Christmas, you and animals :D! We had so much speed in the house, cats were running around like crazy! Hope I win the cat-thing!"

Congratulations Leena, you are the winner!

(now I send you a private mail!)

And THANKS to all the other people that have left so many and kind comments. Hope you will come back to visit my blog again in the future.

I'm glad to have met you!

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