Prize and progress

I won! I won!...I cant believe it!

I joined to the giveaway organized by my friend Grazia during the first week of January and today I received my prize!
A wonderful and colorful (as I like) shopping bag!
Thank you Grazia so much!

Look at what a cut label she have for her creations!

About my hexies they are growing to the point that it's hard keep all in one pic!

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  1. What a pretty bag, dear Nichi! Such a lucky girl.
    Finally, thanks to the ban on plastic bags, we can show off all the most beautiful quilters' creations... We are very wise and practical women, aren't we?

  2. sul fatto che ti piacessero i colori non ho mai avuto dubbi!!! ;)
    Stavolta le poste sono state velocissime...

  3. Love that photo of the hexies...you have used some amazing fabrics!

  4. Winning is so fun Love your hexies.

  5. Wow Nichi! It'a a nice and useful bag! A good surprise in this foggy day!
    Your hexies are like a wonderful coloured rainbow! Go on!

  6. Love your hexies laid out as a rainbow! Congratulations on winning the pretty bag, too.
    ; )

  7. Who doesn't like to win something, right? The hexies look like a beautiful art project.

  8. i love your hexies.i would love to get my hands on your scraps. your fabrics are fantastic!

  9. Your hexies look like a map of the USA !
    You have inspired me, thank you.


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