Mug Rug

No time for bigger projects?....

....a mug rug is just perfect!


Pincushon swap 2 (what I have received)

Thank you Marjolein !

Yesterday I received the packet for me from the pincushion swap.

Inside two little masterpieces!

The big one is colorful and as a crown shape.....

...the little one , as a pumpkin , is to put around the wrist.

And Marjolein has added also her siggy whit a super cute Dutch blue cow on.

What a nice swap!


Pincushon swap 1 (what I have sent)

The little blue owl say "Hello" to Maria-Josè from the pincushion I made just for her.

We both have taken part to the Pincushion Swap 2011 organized to Hilde & Hilde.

...and the other little things I added...just for friendship.


Stylish gift

I received this super cute and super stylish pincushion as a gift from a really kind girl .

Did you never see something more fashionable ? eh-eh !

I will use it only for the my more elegant projects! ;-))

Thank you Giulia!


What else?

What to do with a new irresistible fabric?

...but a little purse...what else?



Hallo to all !...

Did you miss me?....I have miss you so much ! ...but...

...this is what I had in front in the last 15 days!

And this is my no more winter color skin ! ;-))

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