Again about my trip

One more post about my trip in New England...but I want to share with you three very special place where I stayed and where my hubby and I have had joyful days.
The Blue Harbor House Inn in Camden ME, very comfortable and where we enjoyed yummy breakfasts.

In Holderness NH on the peaceful Squam Lake the Squam Lake Inn...an island of stillness managed to friendly and smiling people.

And at last but not last the Isaiah Clark House Inn in Brewster(Cape Cod)MA.
The Inn is wonderful but the Innkeeper is really a very special person, not only kind but also really interested into make your stay a special time.

Thank you so much Steve!


The perfect place

When I started to plan my trip in New England I asked if someone had a special place to recommend to me. Lynne sent me a kind mail (with many good tips) where she said "You must visit Quilted Threads shop in the pretty small town of Henniker NH".

So I did...

...and inside I met smiling people.

And the shop?...simply the perfect place!

All I have wished, all I have dreamed, all I have seen only on web was here.

Do you think I go too far?

Take a look to the shop!

Is it wonderful?
And are we beautiful?
Thanks again...


My New England

July 4 in Boston

Camden, Maine

The Lighthouses

The Squam Lake, New Hampshire

The Covered Bridges

The Kancamagus Hwy

Whale watching, Cape Cod
....and more...


Back to home

Finally I 'm back to home.
I have a lot to share wit you in the next days.
For now I can say that all has been perfect.
Thanks U.S.!
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