The time is coming

At last the day of the departure is coming!

I'm going to leave to Boston the next Saturday and I'm so trilled about it.
When I started to plan my journey in NewEngland ( ...was January!) it seems to me so far away. But the months flew fast...the time is now!


Spiderweb block

My job took me away from patchwork in the last week...but today I'm come back to it. And I would try something new...so I try the spiderweb block. I have found here a very good tutorial.
This is the first triangle...

...and the first block...( I have followed a different way to assemble the triangles)

...and the first completed spiderweb!


Granny blanket growing

My granny blanket is growing slowly. I think I made about 1/3 of my project.

But this has been an important day....has been the testing day by Trudy.

I feel the test result has been good!


Gift quilt

Do you remember this quilt I made with some friends as a birthday gift?

And this is its new happy owner!

Before Trudy was been very helpful in to prepare the gift box!

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