9 Patch

Today I have stopped to work on my current project to open the scrappy-box. I have saw some little 9 patch blocks to send to Bumble Beans. http://bumblebeans.blogspot.com/

She and sweet B. have had the idea to make a scrappy quilt for charity.
I think this has been a great idea and I joined in with fit.

This kind of enterprises aren't common in Italy.
Also the patchwork isn't a popular hobby in Italy...
...I can't understand why!...I love it!

Today has been a sunny day here...the shine lights the color of Blue log cabin quilt...



The afternoon has taken a new haircut.

My hair color and a little pick of a smiling face.



My new camera and I are coming in familiarity. I like this photo...
...and the fabrics are wonderful. Isn't it?


My study

This is my work-room. I can show it thanks to my new camera. To learn to use it better I have taken same random-pic.

The other side view...


And Miss Trudy...

...do you like this joke?



You could think...where is the new in these photos....?

...a colorful quilt...

...a baby quilt...

...the next project...

...nice threads...

The new is here... my new camera !!!


Baby quilt

The baby quilt is done! Tomorrow I will take some better photos...now is late in Italy...


Progress 2

The baby-quilt proceed slowly ...but proceed!
I prefer the second version...maybe I could add the square-border only at the bottom ...
I will show the evolution...



Just to show you how the quilt is progressing....do you like?

I have thought to make only few fly-gees again and to finish with a colorful border.

Stop for today...or my husband could think I'm missing.


Improv patches

Today I made same free-style letters with the fantastic Tonya's tutorial for the first time. I'm rather pleased but what do the blogger think about?....please, honest opinions! I have thought to placed it together some little patches to make a baby quilt. If someone have a nice idea I will be happy to know.

I have received this new book yesterday. I saw that many of you recommended it....and as always you have been right: the book is fantastic! All the quilts in are original and rich of inspiration.

I recommend it too.



I have ended the "red sampler" so named because have placed in the most common classic blocks. I made the outer border with 60 squares made to the same striped fabric used for the sashing ( as I have learned on Kaffe Fassett books).

The backing is in solid orange and purple.

I'm pleased with my work....I like it.

I wrote the name ( red quilt) on the inner border...

...are you able to see?

... this? ...I'm behind the quilt!

Now the goal is to finish the "single girl" quilt by Denise Schmidt http://dsquilts.com/(...I absolutely love her).

Meanwhile Trudy is going to check the new quilt...



I made this quilt with 135 little siggy patch (...but have received more than 200) exchanged with quilters from the whole word. I received a note with every siggy who told a pick of info about the sender and this was the most nice part of.
The quilters are great people wherever they live!

I think the quilt looks lovely at the end.

Same cute siggy....

...from U.S.

...from U.K...

...from Hungary

...from Japan

...from Australia

...from Norway

...and the mine

If someone would like to take part to the swap can send a mail to:


Annelies will reply to you soon.

To know some more about this swap go to:



Chickens quilt


Yesterday I was so glad to have been tagged that I forgot same important things...first of all who tagged me: sweet Victoria of http://bumblebeans.blogspot.com/ Then I had to tag six people to keep up the joke....I'm young as a blogger and is hard for me to find six people to tag but I will think about and I will do it soon.

The photo shows my work-post and my beloved sewing machine.




I have never known it was possible!...psst...truly I didn't know what it means. But now I understand(... a nice way to get to know each other!).
So now I have to tell 6 things about me, quirky things...6 is a lot...

ONE I like American coffee...it is funny because I am Italian...but I really love long,hot,sweet American coffee...better if aromatized.
TWO I collect matryoshka, the little Russian doll that have one inside and one and one...
THREE I hate summer...not truly hate but I don't like...too hot.
FOUR I am addicted to fabric, but this isn't a quirky thing for a quilter!
FIVE My lucky number is 5.
SIX I love N.Y.city....I'm not original, I know..
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