Fabrics and designs

The fresh new fabrics are Spring Street by Carolyn Gavin for P&B Textiles.

By the way she is also the designer of the imagines I use as backgrounds.
I love her works!


Monday report

Today I started a new project about which I cant say more because it will be a secret gift for a friend.
Trudi, my helper, stayed closer to me as it was possible ... her position wasn't so useful, to say the true.

At last , luckily , she decided to go to the official bed she have in my sewing room.

And this was more useful. ;-)


No more as...

I think the biggest project I'm able to end in this busy time is a pincushion.
So, just because I need to create something, I made a new one.

New shape...

...nice button...

...and cute fabrics also for the back.

By the way I realized I'm perfectly in touch with my friends Hilde & Hilde that have organized a nice Pincushion Swap.
Are you signed in yet? ;-))


What a wonderful toy!

A very busy time and a wonderful new toy keep me away from blogging...
...there is a lot to learn about it...and the time fly!

By the way you can see the case I made for the my new (and beloved) iPhone and the smiling face of my sweet Lavinia on it.
Happy Sunday to you all!


Spiderweb wednesday...

...no progress...only a more true colors pics! ;-)

...but have a look here: Doris , Katrin , Marlies , Klaudia , Ines and Rena .


Hexies purse

A very tiny hexies rosette makes much prettier the simple purse...

...near some coins from U.S., U.K. and Denmark (the one with the hole!).



Some new spiderweb blocks for a new class...

...the result is always nice!

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