More about label and stamp

A lot of you have been interested in my label made with a stamp. So I have thought to give a post about this.

I don't like the usual labels but I would like that my sign was the same on all my quilts.

The pic show my personal labels kit.
Colorful fabric inks, colorful fabric pens and,of course, the stamp.

The stamp has been made by a typographer on my design with my name and the place where I live.

I choose special inks for fabric that become permanent with ironing.
I have washed my quilts many time and the stamping didn't disappear.

I change the ink color according to the quilt colors and just add the year number by hand with a pen in the same color.



Binding and labels

I have added the binding to the easy sampler quilt...

...and to Folklore quilt.

I have put my stamp that I usually use as a label on the firs one....

...but the second one will be my sister birthday gift so I have made a very special label for it!


Little gifts

The original idea isn't mine. I have seen a pic of this cute key ring on web some time ago. I don't remember where indeed, sorry.

My nephew and I have played with the fabrics scraps to make little gifts for the friends.

And now the unknown object: ONE SIDE view...

....OTHER SIDE view...


New pics

Some more pics of Ljubljana and its fantastic farmer market.


Vacation and other things

I have some days of vacation that I spent at home.

I went in Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia two days ago. I live in the eastern part of Italy so not so far to the border between Italy and Slovenia.

The older side of the city is nice and lively with a lot of coffee bar along the river and a colorful farmer market.

About quilting I'm working on the Christmas in July swap secret projects so I can show only this pic... ;-)

...and I have started to machine quilt my Folklore quilt...not easy thing...hope all will go okey !


Beautiful Saturday

My friends and I had a beautiful Saturday. We staid together all the day.
We chatted a lot, worked a lot, laughed a lot, ate a lot.

This are few of ours wonderful project.

Yes, really a beautiful Saturday...(so nice as I forgot to take more pics!).


Meeting project

I will meet my friends next saturday for a whole day.

I have thought about a project to do together and I fell in love for the block 4 of Sue Spargo book Magnolia.

I made the pieces to have an idea of the finished work.

It seems very cute!



My friend Claudia is a great quilter and a non-stop inspiration source.


Her version of Kaffe Fassett's quilt.


Something new

There is something new on my design wall...a freesh colors new quilt inspired by this Kaffe Fassett one.

Yesterday I saw the one made by my friend Claudia and I'm fall in love for it.



A little post just to tell my opinion about the Gingher rotary cutter. After a week of use I can say it's REALLY a good staff. It's smooth ,finely sharpened and perfectly balanced ( as you can see in the pic).

I like as I feel it into my hand. I have had only to change a bit the slope of my wrist (less vertical as I was used to).


Monday post

Usually I work in the morning and I'm free in the afternoon but today has been the opposite. This is the way I spent my free Monday morning.

She is wonderful. Isn't she?

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