Painted clothes pins tutorial

Made this painted clothes pins is very easy...you need clothes pins and acrylic colors only.
First of all I paint the pins with the background color and wait until it is dray.
Then I design the shape of the subject I have chosen with a pencil.
So I paint the cat face with a medium brush. I don't use too much color for this.
And I make the other details with thinner brushes.
At last I add some little snowflakes for a more Christmas look.


Little things

Cute clothes pins to use as a little gifts.
A little sweet appliqè quilt as Welcome Christmas sign for the outer door.
Two little Yankee Candles to have the smell of Christmas at home.


A very happy Thanksgiving day to you all!


A new book for a new way

This nice book learns a new and easy way in appliquè.
It's very fun to use the machine stitch as a pencil.

The result is less fine and careful that with the traditional technique,of course, but, maybe, more lively and certainly more quick.

I have made a block with the "portrait" of Trudy to complete the Christmas quilt.

She is very proud of it!


Someting new

On the floor of my work room there is a new growing project.

Various stripes of green, red and withe fabrics and appliqè patches.
Trudy help me to find the better blocks disposition.

Hope I could have the time to end the quilt for Christmas.

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