A little gift for a friend

What could I do to return the super kindness of Chris of Cats on my quilts who has shipped to me the beloved New England coffee?...but a cup of coffee!...

...better if two!...

...and better again if with some colorful borders!

And this is done!


Summer afternoon

Summer gives again wonderful and hot days...no good time to quilting....

...but perfect for a lazy nap!


Time to quilting

Is time to quilting now...

...but I haven't time...

...the basket quilt have to wait for!


Will I survive without coffee?

The smell ( and the taste...) of fresh made flavoured coffee is one of the sweetest memories of my last trip in U.S.
Yes, I'm an Italian girl that loves American coffee!
I brought with me a couple of packets of my favorite taste French Vanilla when I come back to Italy, but now my stock is running short.
And (can you believe it?) I didn't find anyone who ship flavoured coffee to Italy.
Now I wonder : will I survive without coffee?


Basket border

At last I have followed your suggestions....

....and I have added just a simple pieced border in the backgrounds colors to the baskets quilt.

Now it's waiting for the quilting.

Maybe I will use the baskets colors for the binding as Nifty Quilts has suggested.


Baskets day 3

The inner part of my improv baskets quilt is done!

Now I'm thinking for the border (...or borders). Maybe a colorful pieced border like this or a solid border with free pieced letters like this ( that I like so much).

Other good ideas are welcome!

P.S. Today I have celebrated the 100 follower of my blog....thanks to all!

I'm very happy!


Baskets day 2

The second day of work on the baskets has gone better.
Now I have six baskets and I think I will make three again. Nine will be a good number for a little improv project perfect to be quilted with perlè threads and large stitches.


Colorful baskets

The result of one whole afternoon of work are two baskets...only two...but I love them!

I have taken inspiration from a book of Goke Keiko and from one of her wonderful quilt.

I chose solid colors fabrics and before to start I was a bit worried for the not easy and not much detailed explanation...but Trudy wasn't.

So I held one breath and cut the fabrics....

...now I'm proud of my improv baskets!


About patchwork

About patchwork...I quilted the colorful sampler made during the last first level class...

...and a great news for the quilters living in my region...
...e una bella novità per le quilter della mia regione (e perchè no, anche di quelle un pò più in là)

...a new quilt shop in Trieste (Opicina) where find all we need...
...un nuovo negozio per il patchwork a Opicina (Trieste) piccolo ma veramente carino e ben fornito...

...Irene is the smiling owner and The Red Fox is the name of the shop...

...lo ha aperto la mia amica Irene che vi accoglie sorridente...

...il negozio si chiama La Volpe Rossa...

...e merita davvero una visita. Spero siate curiose e vi venga voglia di andare a dare un'occhiata.
Intanto guardate le foto, ma,credetemi, dal vero è molto meglio!

You have to visit it if you are in this side of the Italy!
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