This wonderful blocks were made by my friend Claudia.

And I have already in mind how to do with them....
...I cant tell you...it's a surprise!


Books mon amour! (part two)

The other books I want to share with you are this two.
They are rich in suggestions and charm and are an invitation to a simple life.

In the same way they propose easy shape quilts to enjoy the beautiful of fabrics.


Blogger's Quilt Festival

I decided to share this quilt for the Blogger's Quilt Festival for a no special reason...simply because I LOVE it!

This is the quilt I have on my sofa during the winter...I love the fabrics I have used, the combination of colors and the simple hexagons pattern...
...and, of course, is the one Trudi likes most too!


Books mon amour! (part one)

Today I want to share with you some new books I received in the last days.
The first is really interesting full of instructions and tips....

....and really easy to understand!

The second is an amazing book where each one can find the favourite flower and the instructions to do it!

Wonderful, isn't it?
I bought both at bookdepository fast service and free delivery!



My really firsts crochet squares!


Old and new

It's time to end this easy appliquè top now on my design wall.....

...and time to try something totally new for me inspired to the wonderful creations I saw on Lucy blog.

Will I be able to do something nice like this?...

Made by Attic24


Matrioshka doll tutorial

A sweet and soft Matrioshka doll you can use as lavender bag, as a little gift or as key holder.

You need colorful fabrics, small pieces of wool felt for face and of batting for wings, polyester filler and one button.

Download the template here .

Trace the template on the back of fabric.

Saw and turn the body, the wings and the scarf.

With the felt make the face and design the eyes and the smile with the embroidery floss.

Attach the wings on the back using a button.

Tie the scarf with the knot in front and your doll is done.

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