Me too!

The Japanese X and + block by me too!

After have seen dozen of them on a lot of blogs I decided to make it to understand the reasons of a so big success...

...now I know !...the block is easy and happy and very addictive !



Some days of vacation and a little Grandma flower garden that will became e purse...

...I understand that it cant is clear now...you have to wait and come back within few days !

And a very "Quiltycat" bag with some cute personalization...


A new block

I tried today a new funny block. I saw it some time ago on a blog (sorry I really don't remember where) but you just can consider it an evolution of the asterisk block of which find a good tut here or here

As usually no a definite project for this block but only the fun to experiment something new !



The hexies rainbow completed !


Is she lovely?

She is lovely, isn't she?

The snugly and cute crochet cat is a gift HANDMADE by my super clever and multitasking friend Hilde

....and , did you notice she looks exactly like some one ?



How many thimbles?

How many thimbles do you use for hand quilt?...usually I used just one...

...then I took hand quilting class last Sunday, and suddenly the numbers of the thimbles increased.

Left hand...two

Right hand...two

Can I do a bad work with all this thimbles?

...this is just a joke....the technique isn't easy... but if you really want to see a wonderful hand quilting example , please , have a look to the Sara (the teacher) blog....is a joy for the eyes!

About MY hand quilting...I will show it after doing more practice...


A new cover

A new cover for my sewing machine...

...same model but with a new friend !


Easy Hexies

I was looking for an easy way to adjust the colorful hexies rosettes I made last winter.

I have started to make them without a project in mind , just followed the fun of the colors and the shape...but now I want to keep them out of the box where they were waiting for me...

Looking through the wonderful hexies book of my friend Hilde I have had the idea to place every one on a same color tone background block and then to arrange them in a rainbow colors quilt.
Do you like the project?


iPhone pouch tutorial

Do you like my new iPhone pouch?

I made it following this GREAT and super easy tutorial I found on Amy blog.

I'm thrilled about how it fit PERFECT on the phone...thanks Amy!

I have added a little ribbon as a decorative touch.

And if you like my iPhone skin too, you can buy or customize the yours here...have fun!
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