Cats done

I have ended my two cats blocks. I have had some problems with the white fabric, as you can see to the pics, ( it has shrunk a lot!!!). So I must to use a different way to applique the patterns but, after all, I'm happy for as my cats turn out.
I hope you like them too.


Crazy cat

I'm working on my block for the SIS BOOM project.

This will be really a crazy cat!


Blogger's Quilt Festival

I have a quilt that I more love too. It's my first Lone Star and it's perfect to show at the quilt-festival-fall-2009.

I was attracted to the Lone star old quilts and I had looked for a class to learn how to do for a long time but I didn't find any where I live...

... so I decided to tray to make it from my self with the help of a great great book of Eleanore Burns.

Here I found clear explications and all the tips to make easily my quilt. I chose modern and colorful fabrics and now I love as it is turned out.

Around the star I added some appliquè blocks as I had seen on the pics of old Lone Star quilts.

Maybe this isn't my nicer work but it's which I'm proudest of.


Cats patterns

Waiting for the scrap fabrics from bumblebeans for the sisboompow, I have decide what to do on my blocks.

I have though two cats for the firs block...

...and a bit bigger cat with a flower for the second.

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