Cups in the sun

...in a wonderful like summer day...

...by the way...do you like my pale green with cakes mug?   ...it's one of my favorite one !


Tiny hexies

Just few little scraps of colorful  fabrics for an easy but cute key ring    


Hexies mug rug

Here is the finished mug rug
 I like the bright colors and the simply shape of the hexies rosette... a little colorful something to make smiling the tea time!


My Blogger's (not again a)Quilt Festival

I know, I know the saying..."it isn't a quilt until it's quilted"... 
...and so, okay,...I haven't a  finished quilt for the Blogger's Festival Spring edition...
...do you forgive me if I show you just a top?

This is my first project using only solid colors and I have loved to make it!
I have taken inspiration from a quilt I saw on a Quiltmania magazine but I have changed the roof and rearranged all the measures of the blocks and I have proposed it as a monthly project (BOM) into a quilts shop where I teach .  
So this is just the sampler... and I'm so curious to see how all the quilts (now again in progress) will turn out.

This is the block I prefer..a little (five inches) , bright, full solid colors pineapple!

And , as every year, many THANKS to Amy for organizing this wonderful quilts and blogs tour!



Cute Hexies

After the hexagon class the colorful rosette is ready to be quilted ...
... just few perlè cotton stitches to decorate the mug rug ...
... in a next post the ended project ...


Cat and Fish

Again a little project  from a Japanese book...just to light a raining Sunday...


Remember Hexies?

Thinking for a new Hexies class I have tried  a little project to propose...I have found  an hexies little purse on a Japanese book and  it seemed nice , easy and speedy to make...
...it wasn't...

...I have worked on it many hours and I'm not sure to be satisfied by the result...

...maybe I will propose the pentagon ball as in the last classes.....better, isn't it?



Here the month of May for the Kaffe houses BOM project. The little houses are growing...and changing again...( first option here , second option here)  
The color effect is really different if you consider the single block or the total and every add change again the effect...so I think some variation could  be again .... a very WIP project ! 
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