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The hexies rosettes are growing...I love to make them and finally I have had the bravery to use some of the my beloved and more precious fabrics (old Heather Ross and Denyse Schmidt collections just to say someone).

Spontaneously I have made each one with fabrics in the same color combination even if I haven't any project in mind for them.

So the question is: where am I going?
...and you, dear hexies addicted, what is your project?
...have you a layout in mind for your hexies or simply do you follow the fun?
I 'm curious to know...

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  1. io ho iniziato un bel po' di tempo fa senza un'idea precisa in mente, utilizzando tutti i ritagli accumulati nel tempo...poi ho dovuto dare un senso logico al tutto, per forza di cose....diciamo che mi ero lasciata un po' troppo andare! :)
    la mia "soluzione" e' stata quella di racchiudere questi esagoni scraps in un fondo dello stesso colore che fa anche da cornice...un po' complicato da spiegare a parole...magari mettero' una foto prossimamente...:)

  2. The thing I like best is just making them and when there is enough, arranging them this way and that until I am happy. Sometimes an idea comes along the way and you like it so much you can't wait to try it.

  3. If you think about the future, let´s say 5-10 years from now I think you would love to have a quilt. It is the best way to use blocks. Just plain hexies. I looooove those, have not started my own yet...

  4. These are lovely and the fabrics are superb! Whatever you make with them is going to be amazing.


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