Saturday with friends

This was a special saturday.

I met my friends to spend a whole day together.

We had chated and quilted and eaten a lot delicious foods.

Aren't we nice?


Penny Rug

Last fall I made a winter penny rug to hang on the outer door as welcome sign.

I love it but now is time to make a new one for spring.

I have found some ideas about the colors and the design on magazines. Butterflies and flowers of course....and light green, pink and blue!

This is the project after a afternoon of work.

Saturday I will meet my friends and we will finish the penny rug toghether.



After a lot of raining days Lavinia enjoys the sun...and the MUD!

Usually she is cleaner...A LOT CLEANER as today...sigh!

But I prefer a HAPPY DIRTY horse as a SAD CLEAN horse.

Do you think Lavinia is a sad horse?


Happy Weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!


Spring desire

The first flower in my garden tells me about the nature spring desire...I fill the same desire too.
I want to make something with spring colors. The new fabrics I received today are perfect.

Do you like this colors combination? I made a sample of improv strips block....cute, isn't?

I received also two different white fabrics...nice both...but how many kind of white fabrics exist?...really a lot!...the choice is difficult. Which one do you use?

Couldn't I buy this cute Matryoshka ribbon?...

...and look what nice note there was in the pack.



It's raining again...

The winter has been a long and WET and I think isn't over. The water has drenched all the green in my garden.
Inside I have progressed with quilting sooner as my expectation.



Today I started to quilt my sandwich. I decided for a hand quilting even if I'm not a good hand quilter. I have used a thick white thread to do a quite large quilting.

I know....I will need long time to end the quilt.


Raining again

A new raining Sunday...I stayed at home and made something.

Some days ago Tonya (http://lazygalquilting.blogspot.com/) have asked the quilters that used her letters tutorials, to make and send theirs free pieced name to her. She would like to do a quilt with all the names.

I think this is really a cute idea...so I made the mine using solids fabrics in spring colors.

I hope she will like it.

So I did a very boring work....I marked the quilting line on the Single Girl top....really long and boring work....but now the sandwich is ready to be quilted.


Birthday gift

What I could wish more?

I have spent a joyful afternoon with the my special girl-friends an I received a lot of cute presents.
The little hearts quilt by Claudia is wonderful. Isn't?

And how to say about this stitched bag?

And the unmistakable fabrics by A Stitch in Dye from Sonia Luciana and Sandra.

Could be missing fabrics,books and patterns?

Thanks, girls, for the nice day!


Special thursday

Do you guess why?

Do you need a little help?

MY BIRTHDAY! and my sweet friends!



A little stop in bed weather gave me time to visit my horse after 3 raining days and before a new worsening.
I will take a better pic of my sweet Lavinia when the sun will came back.

In the meanwhile I show to you same of my Mathrioska just after I have cleaned them.

As always Trudy thinks she is the only interesting subject for my pictures...


Camera case

I have realized my camera needed a case and I have looked for a cute one...but uselessly.

So I have decided to make by myself.

OK,OK...it hasn't a first quality trimmings but is colorful, easy and unique.

So I love this fabric. I never used it for the large scale design difficult to combine...but here is perfect.

Yes, I like my homemade camera case.


Raining sunday

It's raining today...good weather for a quilter!
I have finished the Denyse Schmidt top and I will make the backing before evening.

I have also prepared the envelop with the 9 patches and I will send it by mail tomorrow morning...I hope it arrive in time to NY.

Trudy cant find a better place to sleep then the scraps box!
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