Appliquè class

Last Saturday I took a very inspiring class about appliquè. I liked so much the teacher, a sweet and talented woman,that make wonderful Baltimora stile quilts with a greats color and motion sense.

I learned same new and interesting things about papers and glues.

Since coming back home I planned how to turn in my way the new lesson.

I made perfect patterns and drew shape on the background fabric.

And this is the first block I made...

And a new one is on the way...

Thanks Rita!


Wonky wheel tutorial

Have you liked the wonky wheel?
Today I post a little "how to do" if someone want to make it.

1- Freehand cut a circle from a paper square about 8"x8" (20x20cm) with a center hole .

2-Hand cut some slices from 3 (or, better, more) strips of different fabrics about 6" of height.

3-Using the paper circle as a foundation stitch the slices right side together and continue until the circle is completed.
4-Trim the excess of fabric from the border of the circle.

5-Complete as for an appliquè circle.
6-Place the wheel on the background an complete with a star (or a heart or a free hand circle...) to cover the hole in the center.
CONGRATS! Your wonky wheel is DONE!


A bee quilt

Last Saturday I met my friends to have a all day together to start a bee-quilt.

We want to make a quilt for the 50birthday of a friend.

The project is to make the wonky wheels in different colors and add them on a clear background with colorful sashing and border.


At last we made 16 wonky wheels and 16 appliquè stars to complete the center of each wheel.

We are very satisfied of ours work !
In a future post the progress and tutorial...


Have you a special place?

Are you thinking about your next vacancies?
I'm thinking about the mine since now. I 'm going to organize a two weeks journey in New England for the next July.
I have bought and read some travel guides and I have visited special web sites.
Now I have a lot of information but not so clear ideas.
Do you know the New England?
Have you ever visited the New England?
Are you living there?

So if you have a very special place (...every kind of place...city, village, natural place, restaurant, B&B, quilts shop, etc.) to recommend me or if you think I cant say "I was in New England" if I didn't see something you know...PLEASE, send me a mail and I will put your SPECIAL PLACE in my itinerary!




During the last days I have tried something totally new for me. I never made the Wheels before and I really enjoyed this blocks.

I made one Dresden plate and some Wagon wheels in different colors.

And I made also two wonky wagon wheels that I like so much.

I would like to plan a quilt using this blocks.


New Year

Hope all your wishes come true!

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