Quilt bee update and a new book

I told you about this project in this post . Now I have added the sashing and have started to make the outer border.
Now I like it and I'm happy as it is turning out.

Today I received a new book. The crazy isn't the quilt stile I prefer but the four crazy blocks of this quilt are simply wonderful.

The folk art designs for appliquè are very fun and full of details.

If you like this book or want to know more go here .


Special gift

Today I want to share with you a very very special gift I have received from my friends for birthday.
The title of the book is "All my thanks and love to Quilts" by Goke Keiko.

All the quilts inside are simply amazing...I'm sorry if the pics aren't able to show how wonderful they are but you can do yourself an idea...

Of course, this isn't the only gift I received...
In a next post I will tell you about them.


New things

A new WONDERFUL book...

...with a quilt made by Tonya (Wow! Congrats Tonya!)

A new appliquè block.

And Trudi on a new fabric for a new project.



Second appliquè block done!


I'm 45 today!

...and this is my smiling face with Trudy
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