I' m a finisher, you know it. I don't like to have too many works started in my drawers at the same time. Today I have tried to finish few of my UFO.

First I finally have added the border to the Pat Sloan Farmer's market quilt. I made it the last summer and some of my friends made the same too. I would like to take a pic of our works to show you how different they are....very interesting.

Second I have sewed new scrap blocks for the sampler quilt. I have to make two more but I expect to finish it soon and not spend a lot of time on it.

Third I have quilted the second yellow and blue windows quilt.

I have been busy today!

I want to apologize with all of you that have left comments for my posts in the last two days. I don't know why but my anti-virus system have blocked them to my mail...so I have been unable to reply to you but I want however to thank you for your kind comments. Hope I have worked out the problem.
Thanks girls!


Night stars

It seems as a summer night sky full of stars!


Nothing but Kisses

Nothing but Kisses is the mane of this wonderful quilt, WONDERFUL because it's a charity project made with the share of many quilters. Would you like to get it for you?




and you can take part to our hope





Front side...
...and back side.
( You can guess my wonderful huby behind the quilt ! )


Little news

In the last week my job keeps me far from blog and patchwork more then I would like. However I have few little progress to show to you.

Right now I'm making a binding because I have ended to quilt (TO HAND QUILT!) at last my Single Girl quilt...I'm very happy and quite proud of it. I'm not a good hand quilter but I loved to do this one and maybe I could consider to hand quilt again soon. :-)

Then I have sewed some patches to make a simple sampler quilt with young colors. The idea is to use light green as background and some kind of blue for the border...but this is a very early project...



New born

I have found a new filly at the stable today.

She is born just last night.
The puppies of horses are wonderful and perfect.
Lavinia is wonderful too.


Freddy's colors

I received it today and as the front cover as the inside is an explosion of colors! Mrs Freddy have to be a great woman. I want to show few pics which you can guess of something about this energizing book.

Today is like a summer day in Italy...some birds take a bath in the rain water collected over the sheet that still cover the swimming pool in my garden. Hope the sheet could be take away soon....so I WILL TAKE A BATH!


Tidy up

Today I re tidy my fabrics. Since now I have stashed them in some large drawers but I didn't like that placing. Often I have forgotten what I had or their perfect color , so I have decided to set them where I can see all the time. I have divided the fabrics for colors and for designer or collection ... anyhow the result is the same : I have a lot, a lot ...maybe to much fabrics! Now you can understand me better when I say I MUST stop to buy fabrics!

Yesterday I have received this cute card from bumble beans. It takes the pic of the amazing quilt she have made with the 9 patches that some blog-quilters ( and I too) sent to her for a charity project. The note says that the online auction will start on April 23-28th on Born in my heart Art Auction lovewithoutboundaries.com .

Please, make a bid!



I have made two new months for the felt wool blanket...

June with a bee family....

and April I have quite changed...

I realize I'm definitely unable to end a project exactly as it was originally. Why do it happen?
Really, I don't know. Maybe only I want the things in my way...(did you remember Sally in the movie When Harry met Sally?)

And you, are you a "changer" or not?

By the way... I have also changed one egg color...now is perfect...isn't it? ;-)


Old and new

I made this quilt few years ago but I feel in it a spring mood I still like. I filled it with thin batting and hand quilted with a shade thick thread. I love it.

Meanwhile a new project take up my brain...
...a very colorful new project!
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