New Year and the winner

Hope the 2011 could be joyful and healthy for all of you!

And now is the time!

I'm happy to say that the winner number is


Mokkakissa that said:

"I hope you had a nice Christmas, you and animals :D! We had so much speed in the house, cats were running around like crazy! Hope I win the cat-thing!"

Congratulations Leena, you are the winner!

(now I send you a private mail!)

And THANKS to all the other people that have left so many and kind comments. Hope you will come back to visit my blog again in the future.

I'm glad to have met you!

3 commenti:

  1. Happy New Year to you! Congratulations to the lucky winner.

  2. Congrats!!!
    Happy new year! :)

  3. Happy New year! I love checking into your lovely, positive and fun blog and thinking of you in romantic Italy where it most certainly would be lovely to create in-
    Your blog is GREAT- keep up the good work!


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