The Blogger Quilt Festival is here!

 For the Blogger Quilt Festival this year I have choesen the quilt I have finished just today. The red-black stripes quilt have now a red dotted binding sewed by machine. I'm not totally satisfied for the result...    

...but I love the quilt colors and the design of the front and the back side. Thanks to  Amy for organizing  the festival and remember to visit and enjoy the many beautiful quilts from the whole world!                   


A Buggy Barn project

The wonky cup is nice...isn't it?
First make the sections....
...then compose the block...

...and this is all the  waste following  the original pattern.


...just quilted

The front side..

...the back side and a little joke with the quilting !



Trudy is my official helper...

Today we have worked hardly on the stripes quilt and we have finished the quilting.
Too late for a good photo...tomorrow we will show our masterpiece.
For today I show only the helper (but she is a really masterpiece!!). 


Fabric scrap box

I made the fabric scrap box using this very clever tutorial.  Unluckily the interface I have used was too hard and I had some problems in  turn inside out the project and the lining resulted a bit too small for the box ...but I have in mind a variation to solve the problem... :-)) 


Italy mug rug !

Some days ago I was invited to join to the MugRug World Tour .
Nothing to swap...just to make a mug rug with the character of one's country.
Green, white end red for Italy !
I took the opportunity to practice on  some finishes I like...

...the prairie points...

...and in stitcing the binding by machine following this tutorial .
I need more practice about it but I'm quite satisfied by the result!
Front side...

...back side...

And visite the  flickr mugrug world tour group.  to have a quick world tour!


Pumpkins again

An orange log-cabin...and a smiling face coming out to the center!


Teflon foot

I have to admit the teflon foot works smooth and SO MUCH easily on laminated fabrics !!


Saturday in black and red

The strips quilt top is done...

...now it's time to think for a simple quilting design ....

...maybe long lines in black or red running along the stripes.
And for the black and red parade a  new purse... 

...with a funny zip ripper.

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