On the design wall and in my life

The red  blocks are samplers for a Improvisational Patchwork class.
They are about 5" and to make them is a big fun.
The amazing appliqè circles made by my special friend Claudia are the start for a new project I have in mind.
Coming soon...  

One week ago, the burglars devastated my home. Little Trudy save herself behind a sofa and we all are safe. They kept just few cash and my pc ( this is why I stayed so long away to blogland)... but we have had a lot of damage...definitely not a good period.

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  1. Sempre bello vedere i tuoi progetti..
    per i ladri mi spiace tanto,credo sia una lacerazione dell'intimita di casa,crediamo di essere al sicuro e invece...
    in bocca al lupo...per tutto

  2. Your blocks look fun. So sorry to hear of the break-in. I'm glad no one was hurt.

  3. I love those red blocks! So many shades of red.

  4. Oh Nichi, I am so sorry about the break-in!! It must have been devastating. Sending you hugs across the miles.

    Your red blocks are lovely!

  5. I'm glad you are safe, back online and ready to move on. The moving on and putting it all behind you part is hard.

  6. Oh no, how awful for you. I'm so sorry to hear that and hope you get things sorted soon.


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