Sewing Stuff Bag

...a work with a lot of pieces...

 ...but what a  fun!


Double wedding ring my way

To celebrate the start of Fall (my preferred season) I  tried  a very traditional patchwork design  
the Double Wedding Ring....but , of course , in my way.
 It's totally new for me . 

After a long run on Pinterest and Google imagine looking for an inspiration I decided for a mix of black & white fabrics for the background and a selection of colorful Kaffe Fassett prints for the rings. Actually I don't know if I will made a quilt or just a table runner or something else ...
...just I will follow the fun


Much more as...

..as a simple pincushion!

A pincushion for the sofa!

 With a place for the pins...

... one for the needles and the pocket for scissors

Clever, isn't it?


Clamshell purse

Ready for a next journey!

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