Here is my hexies purse done !

I love it ! 
And it's perfect for my sewing staffs !


Hexies again...

...ready for quilting.
 I love the front  ... and the back too !


Japanese Hexies

Yesterday (raining Sunday) I made 54  half  inch  hexies with some beautiful Japanese fabrics.

And now I'm sewing them together...

...they will become a purse!
Coming soon!


London tea

Finally an afternoon at home for a very special London tea in a perfect teapot...
...on a spring mug rug...
(but today here is still winter)



Do you know the delicious  macarons?
So yummy , but ...

.... the ones made with fabrics are sweet and lovely too! 

A little case where to hide a little secret.  

One isn't enough !
I have found a tutorial in English here!


Summer in winter...

Suddenly Blogger decided to be  back collaborative with the photos upload.
So I can share with you an incredible Caribbean sea and my no more winter color face.

But if someone of you had the problem in uploading photos in Blogger as me (and solved it ) , please , spend a little time to tell me yours solutions.

Help me!

Hallo all!
Back to a short summer vacation in winter I found a bad surprise...I'm  unable to upload (and so to post) photos of any kind and size.
I will be grateful if someone can help me or have had the same problem....because
NO photos NO blog!
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