I have had a lot to do after 10 days of vacation....a lot washing machines to do, a big heap of clothes to press, to begin working again, to cuddle a lot Lavinia, a lot of kisses to give to Trudy, and so on. But, of course, I have had a few time for the patchwork too.

I have made 2 new months for the wool felt blanket...(12-mounths-blanket)
March with a different rabbit shape (I think it needs more colors...)

and December that I have changed all...

and also I have decided the background for the incomplete mounths.

I would make a sampler quilt with some patches in yellow and blue to explain my second level patchwork class.

Did you remember my generous friend Claudia?(http://quitycat-quiltycat.blogspot.com/2009/03/busy-week.html) She have made the last appliquè patch for me...did I say to you how generous(..and able) she is? ;-)
Trudy is happy with her new cat grass bowl.



I was here last week...I was in Paradise!

Palm Island one of the Granadines in the Carribean sea.

I had a memorable vacation here... with torquoise waters...

great food...

and amazing creatures...



Just a little post to tell I`m away. I`m in vacation for about a week and I write to you from a small Caribbean Island......I will show the amazing pics of this amazing place!
Hugs and kisses!


12 Months blanket

I bought the pattern for this 12 Months wool felt blanket in association with my friends some time ago. We intended to make it next fall but I could resist to do....

The patterns are so cute that I cut few pieces....

January which I made some changes...

February still without the heart...

May with the flowers...


and August...

To work with wool felt is easy and fun and the blanket seems to go on quickly but there is a lot to do again...


Sunday work

I ended the spring welcome sign...I have only to quilt it.

Spring can come in now!


A book as remedy


Can I say something else about this book?

Yes.... if we are sad or have had a bad day or winter weather seems not to be over, I have a remedy!

Let's open this book and enjoy the wonderful quilts and the sweet pics about the authors.
Have a nice weekend!



Inspired to Red Square II by Gwen Marston I made some improv patches. The idea is to keep the same inner square and to play with not too much different blue around. Isn't easy to make balanced improv patches but I try to relax me and not worry about the result before the end.

The colors are better in this pics.

If the quilt will be cute I would like to give it to my sister for her birthday...she loves this kind of color.



I received this amazing book today.

I HAVE to say to you how WONDERFUL it is.

I think I can't show any pic of the quilts inside without permission... but believe me if I say all the quilts in are beautiful, inspired and inspiring. The use of solids colors makes them colorful and simple at the same time. The Red Square series is my favourite but the Liberated Log Cabin series is full of suggestions too. I recommend it absolutely. I have a question: is the color thread used for quilting the same in the whole single quilt? Someone (maybe Tonya?) can know the answer.

I take out all my solids and put them together on the table....I have to make something with!

I'm quite proude of quilting design on Single Girl quilt...even if I don't have still end it.


I did it again...

Yes, it's true, I promised that I never did it again...but how could I resist this cute fabrics? And yes, it's true, I bought new fabrics without a clear project about ...only because are beautiful!

Are you able to know me? Aren't you?

I received also this nice book. It deals with the color theory but I find inside a lot inspiring project.


Busy Week

The last one was a very busy week but today I can came back to my beloved hobby. I have put the applique and the pieced blocks on the design wall ( I told about them in http://quiltycat-quiltycat.blogspot.com/2008/12/lavori-in-corso.html). The basket blocks have been a gift and I love them.

I have taken inspiration from this wonderful pattern to compose the quilt...but now I realize that I need one more applique block to complete the top.
I have to confess I'm a no great applique-quilter as my friend and I'm rather worried that the difference could be clear. To solve this problem I have thought to choose a quite different design. I like the bird with the nest a lot. What do you think about?

Maybe I could call for an help from my generous friend Claudia.... :-)

I have worked on quilting of my Single Girl quilt but SOMEONE thinks the quilt is finished alredy and is the better place to sleep.

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