The early rosette!

The first angle is away to be perfect...

...but the back is quite good...

what do you think Hilde? :-))

See more nice hexies at the Flick group I have joined in.

7 commenti:

  1. I love all the little creatures in your hexies. The quilt will be like a treasure hunt!

  2. Cute, you reminded me to get back to mine!

  3. Hey Nichi, I think it is perfect! I like your colorful hexies very much, and your choice of details!
    Hugs! Hilde

    ps: IF you think, the edges shift against each other, then shift it the other way before the first stich of the edge. It is just very little, maybe not even 1 mm.

  4. These hexies seem to be quite addictive. Love the placement of the elf/gnome.

  5. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

  6. When I see your hexies I want to continue with my pentagons, also from Hilde ;-). If only the movers would stop by with our container and start unloading... Lovely fabrics and combination of all your different flowers and I can only say: keep on going (sewing).


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