Colorful sunday

My colorful stash of wool felt...

and colorful Folklore top nearly ended.


Super Staff

I'm a spoiled girl (GIRL!?!)
I have received a super new TOY today! A super rotary cutter!
It is super balanced, super soft, super sharp, super safe, super fashion, super easy and certainly super a lot of other things!
I only know I like it so much!



If someone needs a help to press the fabrics stash I can lend my personal helper gladly!

Folklore in progress

This is the progress in my Folklore quilt. Don't you see any news?... I show few closer pics... so you can check that I have stitched ALL the pieces...:-)

The next step is to place a giraffe toy on the right inner border (near the flowers) but I'm not sure about the color...maybe aqua green?...or dark blue?...or maybe deep yellow-green?


Turquoise tuesday

Turquoise book (WOW !)

Turquoise fabriscs (NEW !)

Turquoise birds (CUTE !)

...and my TURQUOISE swimming pool finally re-opened!


Friday's news

Little progress...but so much fun!
Ready to be quilted...
New smiling addicted!

Have a nice weekend!


New love

I fall in love with Sue

I love ALL in the projects of Sue Spargo, the colors she use, the primitive mood of her designs...all.

I have thought for a long time about my ability in to make this wonderful quilts and finally I have ordered her last book Magnolia. Meanwhile I have discovered that my friend Sonia had another book of Sue, Folklore ....I have borrowed it from Sonia!

I coluldn't hold out...I have started a new quilt!


Same but different

I told you about the Farmer's Market quilt that my friends and I made last summer. Now I show the different result of each one of us.
Claudia's one....

Luciana's one....
and mine....
I love the difference!
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