Homemade fabric labels

First of all create your own label design...

...and a sheet with repeated it in the right size ( I have chosen two different sizes small and a bit larger ).

Then print the sheet on a special transfer paper.

...and cut the strips high as you need for the labels.

...then iron the strips on a cotton ribbon...

And VOILA'!...the labels are done!


Purple purse

I made this colorful squares with silky scraps.

And I made this purse for a kind friend with the squares.

At last I stamped myself on the purse!


Suddenly Spring

Spring is here.

Nature suddenly wakes up.

But since now we have had only grey skies.


Classes and new staff

Last week I have started to give two new classes.
A beginner one where I have suggested to do simple solid colors blocks on a printed background...

...and a average one where the blocks are less simple and made in different size to improve technique and ability of the attending "girls".

I received some new beautiful fabrics...

...part of the colorful collection by GokeKeiko ...

...and some wonderful Heather Ross reprints by Spoonflower .

And I have been so much inspired to this book really nice to look at and to read.

Trudi, as usually, take part in my projects and is a bit jealous of them.


Snowy afternoon

What to do in a cold snowy winter afternoon?...

...but take a nap in front at the wood stove, of course!


Inner border

I have chosen to quilt the inner border with some sweet saying....

...and the name of the friend who will receive the quilt as a birthday gift...


Wheels in quilting

I have started to quilt the Wheels quilt.

The soft batting I have used shows up the wheels.

They seem as colorful jellyfishes.

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