Pink wallet

The hot summer days aid to make only easy and little projects.

I made this pink wallet for a friend as birthday gift.

I have chosen fresh colors as a strawberry ice cream.

I spend a lot of time with my sweet Lavinia. Her health is constant. She eat enought to not lose more weight as she has lost in the first two weeks. Now I'm worried about her mood. She is tired and sad and she take no interest in all is happening round her. She is the shadow of the horse she was...IT'S A REALLY PAINFUL FOR ME. Hope that her lovely mood will come back at the same time with her recovery.


Christmas swap

When I decided on joining in the Christmas swap I hadn't considered how would have been nice to receive a gift from a blog friend.
But today, with the parcel in my hands, I was happy as a child.


She have sent me a wonderful stocking full of gifts....

...see how cute are the little embroidered elves on it...

I'm really touched to the kindness of Susan that made this lovely horse for me ( She know I love them...).

And also I have received nice fabrics, a felt heart, a magazine, threads, button pins and a ribbon and,of course, sweets...

And thanks Susan for the kind words you have sent me!



I love books and I love all MY books. I cant imagine my life without. I never have regretted the money spent for.

But sometime someone is special...

I love so much this book because is not only lovely to see and to read but the authors try to find a new way for the classic blocks.

This one is amazing...the easy pattern is underlined by the grey-black background....
...and this one is wonderful...

....the "classic" spiderweb is new with a scrap background.


Again about Lavinia

Lavinia is at home...she isn't very well. She have lost a lot of weight (maybe 80kg) and the fractures hurt again.
But during the last two days I want to see few little progress...she eats a bit more and she drinks easier. She needs I stay with her so I spend my afternoon at the stable.

Now is the afternoon relax time at the stable and all find the better place where sleep...


New top

A lady, my neighbor, asked me to make a quilt for her. She likes red colors and Kaffe Fassett fabrics. So I have made this top for her. It's quite big and I cant put it on the design wall. To take a pic I have had to spread it on the floor in the garden.

It's inspired to the original one of Kaffe Fassett.

I think I will add one or two borders to have the right measure.



Lavinia come back to home...but isn't a good news.

She cant be operated. She has a fracture of the mandible and also of a root of one tooth, this is a compound one. The only solution is to take off the tooth and the root but to do this the vet must to lever on the mandible with the risk to break it more. So we have to wait for the healing of the mandible and then go back to the clinic in Bologna for the operation on the root.

My feelings are confused...I'm relieved because I can stay close to her and take care of her personally but I'm very very worried about her health and her ability to feed herself.

The next will be a hard time with a lot of drugs and soft foods but I hope to see again Lavinia as in the pic...quiet happy and healthy .



Thanks for your comments, hopes and thoughts about Lavinia.
I'm really touched!
And excuse me if I didn't reply individually, hope you could understand me....but thanks to all.
Lavinia left this morning to Bologna under the rain (...it was raining in my heart too).
I know she is arrived well.
Now I have only to wait for news about the operation and for the time when she could come back.

Meanwhile I try to keep my head into other things....

...as a border for the Sue Spargo birds...

...or as a new inspiring book (...it deserves more attention!).

But my heart is far away.



Lavinia will be operated on jaw on Thursday. I must send her in a specialized clinic in Bologna (far off from the place where I live). I can't stay with her.
I'm desperate.
Tanks to all for your kind concern over my baby.


Bad day

My sweet baby has had a very bad day (...and I too). A kick from a horse has broken her jaw. She didn't eat, didn't drink and has had a lot of pain. The vet gave antibiotic and antiphlogistic but I'm really worried. Hope all will be okay.


For Judy

There is a nice quilt shop near Aviano: Home Sweet Home in Concordia Sagittaria. The owners are two kind sisters. Have a quick look here....

...and remember the quilt shops in Italy are expensive!


2 Reports

1. You can download FOR FREE a wonderful Blue Bird Needle Keeper if you go on: sewn in the Sue Spargo space.

Great gift for the fans of this Designer!

2. Reply for Judy:
She asked me if I found quilt shops in Ljubljana...

No, I didn't. I found a small shop where a Mrs sold her own quilts. I asked her about quilt or fabric shops. She said there weren't. So, dear Judy, I think is better if you take all you will need with you. A second way could be to visit Trieste (about 1.30 hour awy from Ljubljana) where you can find few shops.

Hope I could be useful to you and sorry if I use my blog to reply but yours was a no-reply comment.
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