Fabric box mania

A new fabric box made in a different way.     The result is a softer box with a nice X design on the bottom. I have used a different fabric for each side to underline the pattern.       Thanks Elena for the very nice idea !!

...but I have  made a new one following the first way. The inside is with different fabrics ... I like it so much !


Fabric boxes

...I love these boxes !


New patches

I have made some sampler patches for two different upcoming classes...
...the colors are away from my comfort zone...just springlike.

But I love the color shades of Kaffe Fasset fabrics (printed and shot cottons)  I have chosen and hope to be able to put the patches all together  when finished to make a quilt like this but in different colors.   



The random colors layout is okay...but there was something that didn't make me totally satisfied...

...then I have understood...the colors contrasting was too low , too "flat"!
I have added the black dotted fabric and now I like as it turn out much more...     

And having a look to the Nifty Quilts last post I have had the confirm of my doubts ...
...look what a nice high contrasting baby tumbler quilt!


Again winter colors

Again winter colors for the first project of this year.
I like the tumbler pattern but I never used it before...

I think it's perfect to use with fabrics that I didn't want to cut  in too much little pieces
 (I love the big red-gray dots fabric!) .   

Here is how the project start to grow on my design wall...
The first (and more spontaneous) layout is with random colors .... 

...any suggestion for a different one?


Happy New Year and the Winner...

...and THANK YOU
 for the kind comments and the sweet words you have written about me and my blog.
of the BlogBirthday giveaway 2011 iiiiis....  
....number 10.....ALISA who wrote :

"Happy anniversary! Congratulations on a wonderful blog. Thanks for the give away chance."

CONGRATS!!! What a nice way to start the new year!
(I will send you a private mail soon)

To all the other friends a wish for a joyful and lucky 2012! 
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