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...if YES, take a look here...


Top done

The top for the last lesson of my firs level class is done!



I bought a commercial staff case and then I played with the personalization.
I added my label and three hearts on the outer side.
And a little landscape on the inner side.
The stitches are made with a felt-pen!


Houses quilt

Is this the nicer houses quilt you have never see?
It isn't mime...is a masterpice of my wonder friend Claudia!

I fell in love whit it!



I never posted about cooking before in my blog for two simple reasons:
1- I'm the worse cook you can imagine...(no one is perfect!)
2- my hubby is the better cook you can imagine...(and I love eat what he cooks)

There isn't any cousine of famous restaurant I can compare with his cookery.
He doesn't it for job...he does it for pleasure...

Can you guess how hard is for me to stay in the 42(Italian) size?

Today we will eat fish for dinner! YUMMY!!




Three my friends and I have chosen a pattern from this book to make a gift for a friend that will be 60 in July.

We are four as the seasons...so this project is perfect for us! One season for each one of us....

My season is the winter...nice...but I have thought it looked a bit unhappy.

So I have brought some variations...

Two little owls...

...and a purple mad cat.

Maybe the cat nose needs to be re sized....or maybe not! :-)


Spring haircut

...now I'm formally waiting for Spring!
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