LOVE quilt ♥

I received in this days mails with questions about this quilt .
I have tried to reply but some of you are no reply blogger and other mail address didn't work .
This quilt haven't a pattern but is all free hand cut .

If some of you are interested I can recommend the book of Tonya Ricucci  Word Play Quilts really really useful.
Hope you will have so fun in make free letters as I had with this quilt!


Make up boxed pouch tutorial

Do you like my make up pouch?
I made it just in one hour  using this tutorial...  
...easy to make...
 ...useful to use...
...a good idea for a last minute gift!



Finally finished!
And immediately usefull !


Christmas Brownies

Yummy brownies !
I have followed this recipe to made them ...
...but for a special Christmas touch I have substituted the vanilla with a mix of spices (cinnamon, ginger , pepper and orange zest )  
Try to believe!


Winter Project

What is the perfect project in a windy winter day?
A draught excluder with primitives inspiration designs...
...but made with soft and bright woolfelt !
Still in progress...


Long Time

Hello everyone! ....wow...more as a month without posting.
I never been so long time away from blogland since I started this blog four years ago.
But , you know , my life is deeply changed in the last three months and , when our life change , also the things we are used to do change and the time to blogging has been one of this.  
But my love for crafting didn't change!
I'm happy to share with you some little things I made as Christmas presents...
....a simple place mat decorated with my last love...yo-yos!
...and some scraps bracelets decorated with vintage buttons and colorful threads!
...very stylish, aren't them?
...and , again , mag rag in winter colors!
Hope you all are fine. Today it's a snowy Sunday here...
...and I'm happy to be back! 
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