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1. You can download FOR FREE a wonderful Blue Bird Needle Keeper if you go on: sewn in the Sue Spargo space.

Great gift for the fans of this Designer!

2. Reply for Judy:
She asked me if I found quilt shops in Ljubljana...

No, I didn't. I found a small shop where a Mrs sold her own quilts. I asked her about quilt or fabric shops. She said there weren't. So, dear Judy, I think is better if you take all you will need with you. A second way could be to visit Trieste (about 1.30 hour awy from Ljubljana) where you can find few shops.

Hope I could be useful to you and sorry if I use my blog to reply but yours was a no-reply comment.

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  1. Great! I know where Trieste is and it will be easy to visit there. We will be allowed to use the military base at Aviano while we are living in Slovenia. Trieste will be right on the way.

    Although, stocking up on fabric before I go won't be all that bad either.

    Sorry you couldn't reply to my blog, I don't even think I have one, I just signed up once... maybe I should check! Your blog came up when I Googled "Ljubljana and quilt shop".

    Thank you for the information!


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