Lavinia come back to home...but isn't a good news.

She cant be operated. She has a fracture of the mandible and also of a root of one tooth, this is a compound one. The only solution is to take off the tooth and the root but to do this the vet must to lever on the mandible with the risk to break it more. So we have to wait for the healing of the mandible and then go back to the clinic in Bologna for the operation on the root.

My feelings are confused...I'm relieved because I can stay close to her and take care of her personally but I'm very very worried about her health and her ability to feed herself.

The next will be a hard time with a lot of drugs and soft foods but I hope to see again Lavinia as in the pic...quiet happy and healthy .

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  1. My thoughts are with you, no words can make this easier for you.

  2. Oh.....I hope she will do well. Is there a way you can give her just soft food until that heals enough and they can then deal with the tooth?

  3. Best wishes for Lavinia's full recovery.

  4. Prayers and thoughts for Lavinia.

  5. Oh, my heart is breaking for her. I hope she heals quickly and this is all over for her really soon.

  6. Hugs Nichi, what a worry for you. She is bound to recover more quickly in familiar surroundings and with you. I so feel for you. The Arabs have a saying- "a horse is your friend and your dog is your slave". I hope your friend recovers well and quickly so the operation can take place soon and the tooth removed.


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