Christmas swap

When I decided on joining in the Christmas swap I hadn't considered how would have been nice to receive a gift from a blog friend.
But today, with the parcel in my hands, I was happy as a child.


She have sent me a wonderful stocking full of gifts....

...see how cute are the little embroidered elves on it...

I'm really touched to the kindness of Susan that made this lovely horse for me ( She know I love them...).

And also I have received nice fabrics, a felt heart, a magazine, threads, button pins and a ribbon and,of course, sweets...

And thanks Susan for the kind words you have sent me!

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  1. What a fantastic and thoughtful swap package. Susan's work looks like perfection.

  2. It was my pleasure to make these for you Nichi. I am happy you like them. Enjoy!

  3. Wow!! Such a great package. The embroidery on the stocking is so nice. And that little horse...is priceless. I love it. You were given a wonderful gift.

  4. What a nicely-made stocking and the gifts are all very nice. Thanks for showing us the photos!

  5. I love the embroidered elves! What wonderful gifts! I had a friend come over today to see the gifts you sent me...and she just couldn't stop saying how beautiful they were! Thanks again!

  6. Such a wonderful parcel. I love the horse, so sweet.

  7. How is Lavinia? I hope she is better. We live quite near a riding school and sometimes in the evening I can hear the horses IIIIHA-ha-ha-ha-haa (that is what they say in Finland) if the bedroom window is open. I love the sound!

  8. Those elves are so so gorgeous- Love them so Enid Blyton! Oh as for the horse so lovely and perfect for you. You had such a wonderful parcel. I know what you mean about feeling like it's a mini Christmas.

  9. I love what Susan made for you! The stocking with the little elves is SOOOO cute!! And that horse, how sweet and wonderful. This is my first time visiting, you have such a lovely blog! x

  10. Ciao,
    arrivo da te direttamente dal blog di Stephanie.
    Piacere di conoscerti. Hai creato dei lavori molto belli.
    ciao ciao

  11. Dear Nichi
    along time ago I`m back again :o)
    Your stocking elves and the little horse are very cute, I love it sooo much :o)))
    Please, visit my blog today, there`s waiting a little surprise for you!

    Thanks for following my blog, I`ll come back to visit your lovely blog

    Much love

  12. Ciao Nichi, molto bello lo swap che hai ricevuto! Questo swap è stato davero molto bello, sto vedendo dei regali fantastici in giro per i blog. Bacione, Renata.

  13. Such a wonderful christmas package you got from your swap partner! That horse is really cute!


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