Pink wallet

The hot summer days aid to make only easy and little projects.

I made this pink wallet for a friend as birthday gift.

I have chosen fresh colors as a strawberry ice cream.

I spend a lot of time with my sweet Lavinia. Her health is constant. She eat enought to not lose more weight as she has lost in the first two weeks. Now I'm worried about her mood. She is tired and sad and she take no interest in all is happening round her. She is the shadow of the horse she was...IT'S A REALLY PAINFUL FOR ME. Hope that her lovely mood will come back at the same time with her recovery.

3 commenti:

  1. Give Lavinia time to heal both outside and inside. Keep loving her and she will come back to you. I think about both of you often and am sending you positive energy. Be strong.
    The wallet is lovely...lucky friend.
    hugs, Carolyn*

  2. Spending time with Lavinia is good for both of you, just having you there will help her heal.
    Such a darling wallet; did you make the label using stamps? Too cute!

  3. I hope your gorgeous horse feels better soon x


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