Thanks for your comments, hopes and thoughts about Lavinia.
I'm really touched!
And excuse me if I didn't reply individually, hope you could understand me....but thanks to all.
Lavinia left this morning to Bologna under the rain (...it was raining in my heart too).
I know she is arrived well.
Now I have only to wait for news about the operation and for the time when she could come back.

Meanwhile I try to keep my head into other things....

...as a border for the Sue Spargo birds...

...or as a new inspiring book (...it deserves more attention!).

But my heart is far away.

6 commenti:

  1. Just love the colors you've used! Best wishes!

  2. Your bird quilt and the border fabrics....TERRIFIC! I know you are worried about Lavinia, but I am sure she will be fine. I have a good feeling about her!

  3. Love your bird quilt...and those books look wonderful!

  4. It is Thursday and I just said to my husband: Hei it´s Thursday and Lavinia is going to be operated today!
    Who is Lavinia?
    It´s a horse in Italy.
    This blogging is changing my life I think.
    All the best to you and Lavinia. I hope she can eat....

  5. I came across your blog... love your quilts, words and pics... and stole your little pussy cat for my blog too! Our cat, Timmy was very special to us, especially my daughter, and now he virtually lives again! Thank you, Ann.

  6. It is good to keep your hands busy when things are out of our control. Thankfully we have quilting to think about and your bird applique is darling.


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