Again about Lavinia

Lavinia is at home...she isn't very well. She have lost a lot of weight (maybe 80kg) and the fractures hurt again.
But during the last two days I want to see few little progress...she eats a bit more and she drinks easier. She needs I stay with her so I spend my afternoon at the stable.

Now is the afternoon relax time at the stable and all find the better place where sleep...

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  1. Wonderful that she is improving. These little steps are important. She is feeling vulnerable and trusts you so she will be happier to eat and drink with you "standing guard" so she can concentrate better on feeding carefully.

    That is all such great news- she is wanting to get better.

  2. She needed you to be with her and it is encouraging seeing her rest peacefully.

  3. If love can make her better she'll be completely healed in no time!

    I saw the lovely swaps gifts you sent Sherri.

  4. Sleep and love heal lots of things.

  5. It is good to hear that things are improving! Althouh everybody seems to be unconcious around there...
    80 kg ??? That´s a lot. I will need a lot of work from your side to get her in good condition again. Wow. Greetings to all the animals!

  6. I'm glad Lavinia is eating and drinking a bit more. She has lost a lot of weight - I hope she's beginning to gain it back even if slowly. She knows you're taking care of her.

  7. I just happened upon your blog and Love your header! just adorable. Your quilting stuff is simply lovely and i adore cats. I have never been near a horse but yours looks lovely. I have just joined up to be a follower. Great stuff


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