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A lot of you have been interested in my label made with a stamp. So I have thought to give a post about this.

I don't like the usual labels but I would like that my sign was the same on all my quilts.

The pic show my personal labels kit.
Colorful fabric inks, colorful fabric pens and,of course, the stamp.

The stamp has been made by a typographer on my design with my name and the place where I live.

I choose special inks for fabric that become permanent with ironing.
I have washed my quilts many time and the stamping didn't disappear.

I change the ink color according to the quilt colors and just add the year number by hand with a pen in the same color.


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  1. What a great idea! I love it!

  2. That is really great!!!

  3. Nic, I like your stamp! I try to make my labels with borders that match the quilt. I name my quilts and put that on my labels along with my name, date and where I live with permanent ink pens and ink. I have many decorative rubber stamps I never thought of using those. hmmm may have to think about that. Have a good day Trish

  4. it looks so nice Nichi. thanks for sharing how you do it. I never know what to do with my labels..

  5. Thanks for posting how you do the stamp. I was wondering how .... Now to design one and find someone to make it! I really love this idea.

  6. That is wonderful and a great personal touch to your quilts.


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