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Today I re tidy my fabrics. Since now I have stashed them in some large drawers but I didn't like that placing. Often I have forgotten what I had or their perfect color , so I have decided to set them where I can see all the time. I have divided the fabrics for colors and for designer or collection ... anyhow the result is the same : I have a lot, a lot ...maybe to much fabrics! Now you can understand me better when I say I MUST stop to buy fabrics!

Yesterday I have received this cute card from bumble beans. It takes the pic of the amazing quilt she have made with the 9 patches that some blog-quilters ( and I too) sent to her for a charity project. The note says that the online auction will start on April 23-28th on Born in my heart Art Auction lovewithoutboundaries.com .

Please, make a bid!

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  1. A clean and organized fabric stash is a wonderful thing! And after I did mine I said the same thing. I CAN NOT buy more fabric! lol

    Remind me again closer to the auction on the charity quilt it is beautiful!

  2. I love how you re-tidied your fabrics. They look great by color!

  3. I have a friend who did her fabric stash like that on shelves in a closet and it looks TERRIFIC. I like to go to her house and look at it. I have some of mine in drawers and it is harder to find things that way. You did a good job. But...of course we always need to buy more fabric. :)

  4. Hi Nichi!
    I'll post a direct link when we get closer to the auction. Your stash looks so nice and neat! can you come help me with mine too? I'm do for a cleaning around here...

  5. What a lovely, well organized stash you have!

  6. Your fabrics are gorgeous! What a wonderful stash to choose from!

  7. Your fabric stash looks so beautiful the way you have it arranged! I wish mine would look that organized!!


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