I received this amazing book today.

I HAVE to say to you how WONDERFUL it is.

I think I can't show any pic of the quilts inside without permission... but believe me if I say all the quilts in are beautiful, inspired and inspiring. The use of solids colors makes them colorful and simple at the same time. The Red Square series is my favourite but the Liberated Log Cabin series is full of suggestions too. I recommend it absolutely. I have a question: is the color thread used for quilting the same in the whole single quilt? Someone (maybe Tonya?) can know the answer.

I take out all my solids and put them together on the table....I have to make something with!

I'm quite proude of quilting design on Single Girl quilt...even if I don't have still end it.

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  1. Your quilting is gorgeous. Oh such pretty solids. Looking forward to seeing your new project using them. I recently added lots of solids to my stash. Don't know how to use them yet.

  2. I'm so glad you got the book! I *think* that she uses one color throughout. That's what I remember from the ones I saw in person (woohoo!). most of the quilts are quilted with black thread, but it looks like Red Square VI uses a lighter color like khaki or tan.

  3. This is going to be wonderful when finished...

  4. Your solids are beautiful. What a great book that is, Gwen Marston is awesome!


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