I have made two new months for the felt wool blanket...

June with a bee family....

and April I have quite changed...

I realize I'm definitely unable to end a project exactly as it was originally. Why do it happen?
Really, I don't know. Maybe only I want the things in my way...(did you remember Sally in the movie When Harry met Sally?)

And you, are you a "changer" or not?

By the way... I have also changed one egg color...now is perfect...isn't it? ;-)

4 commenti:

  1. Very cute! I love the bunny!

  2. Oh I AM a changer. Can't for the life of me follow a recipe or pattern directions. lol

  3. I like your April change a LOT!!!

  4. I too cannot finish a pattern exactly as the directions say. I have to put my own touch on it. After all, it will be my quilt and I need to be happy with it. I think of the pattern as only a suggestion!
    I love what you are doing with the months quilt! Very cheerful and happy!


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