New born

I have found a new filly at the stable today.

She is born just last night.
The puppies of horses are wonderful and perfect.
Lavinia is wonderful too.

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  1. Dear Nichi,
    The colt is really cute. I think you should name her Amata since thats the name of Lavinia's mothers name in greek myths.
    What will you name her?
    You really lucky to have a horse. I wish she was mine.


  2. Hi Nichi!

    Welcome little colt! How sweet! B loves seeing your pictures of the horses. Hope you have a lovely weekend with your new addition!

  3. How wonderful to see the new-born filly!

    I stumbled apon your blog. It’s lovely! Will be back for sure!

  4. I just love your pictures of your new filly. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. How beautiful she is, just lovely! Great Pictures of her too!

  6. I was away from blogs and emails a lot over Easter weekend and came back to find this happy news and the sweet pictures. What WONDERFUL news and she is very pretty. I want to know her name, too.

  7. She's beautiful! Her little blaze looks like a turnip! :)


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