Busy Week

The last one was a very busy week but today I can came back to my beloved hobby. I have put the applique and the pieced blocks on the design wall ( I told about them in http://quiltycat-quiltycat.blogspot.com/2008/12/lavori-in-corso.html). The basket blocks have been a gift and I love them.

I have taken inspiration from this wonderful pattern to compose the quilt...but now I realize that I need one more applique block to complete the top.
I have to confess I'm a no great applique-quilter as my friend and I'm rather worried that the difference could be clear. To solve this problem I have thought to choose a quite different design. I like the bird with the nest a lot. What do you think about?

Maybe I could call for an help from my generous friend Claudia.... :-)

I have worked on quilting of my Single Girl quilt but SOMEONE thinks the quilt is finished alredy and is the better place to sleep.

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  1. I think the idea of putting in the bird block is brilliant! Especially if you put it in the middle, or somewhere strategic!
    PS - your kitty is adorable!

  2. Great idea! The quilt will be more interesting with one birdblock instead of all baskets. Go for it!

  3. The bird block looks like it will be very pretty. And it will be a nice surprise for the eyes, finding a bird hiding among the lovely baskets.

  4. Those blocks are wonderful! I am not a great applique quilter either. Funny how your cat thinks things are finished, mine also do.

  5. your appliques are so nice! that's one thing I just can't do... no patience... Your cat looks very cozy!

  6. I love to applique, I do fusible webbing then sew down edges with blanket stitch on the sewing machine. I know some don't think of that as applique.

    I think that your choice of the bird block is a good one. I have a cat that finishes many of my projects for me. Well finishes me working on them for that day. lol

  7. Buona idea, in alternativa, perchè non con un gatto, visto che apprezzano tanto i quilt?
    Buon lavoro.


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