I have had a lot to do after 10 days of vacation....a lot washing machines to do, a big heap of clothes to press, to begin working again, to cuddle a lot Lavinia, a lot of kisses to give to Trudy, and so on. But, of course, I have had a few time for the patchwork too.

I have made 2 new months for the wool felt blanket...(12-mounths-blanket)
March with a different rabbit shape (I think it needs more colors...)

and December that I have changed all...

and also I have decided the background for the incomplete mounths.

I would make a sampler quilt with some patches in yellow and blue to explain my second level patchwork class.

Did you remember my generous friend Claudia?(http://quitycat-quiltycat.blogspot.com/2009/03/busy-week.html) She have made the last appliquè patch for me...did I say to you how generous(..and able) she is? ;-)
Trudy is happy with her new cat grass bowl.

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  1. Your wool project is beautiful.

    The going on vacation is always lovely...it's the coming home and doing laundry part I don't like! :o)

  2. I liked your wool project so much that I contacted that company and got one for myself. I am going to change a couple of the months, too. I'm glad you had a nice vacation, but there always is a lot of work when we return from vacation!

  3. I just love your wool project!
    Those Blue and Yellow Stars are so fun.
    Hope you had a wonderful time on your vacation. Catching up with everything when you get back is a lot of work. lol
    I'm sure Trudy is sooo very glad you are back.
    I missed your blogs too!

  4. I just love to look at all your wool projects and quilts. The bunnies are so cute!

  5. that wool is so soothing and soft. love the blue and yellow sampler bits. trudy is gorgeous. I tried growing grass for my cats but they destroyed it and got dirt all over the place.

  6. I just adore your wool project! So sweet!!!


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