Penny Rug

Last fall I made a winter penny rug to hang on the outer door as welcome sign.

I love it but now is time to make a new one for spring.

I have found some ideas about the colors and the design on magazines. Butterflies and flowers of course....and light green, pink and blue!

This is the project after a afternoon of work.

Saturday I will meet my friends and we will finish the penny rug toghether.

6 commenti:

  1. So cute. So now you can have seasonal welcome signs.

  2. I love it! Nice to have another for a very bright season.

  3. adorable and a nice use of felt and fabric

  4. Oh, that is going to be very cute! Happy and spring-y. I like that a lot. How big is it going to be?

  5. That's so pretty. You're very fast, making it in one afternoon!

  6. Happy spring! It really looks cheery and welcoming.


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