Raining again

A new raining Sunday...I stayed at home and made something.

Some days ago Tonya (http://lazygalquilting.blogspot.com/) have asked the quilters that used her letters tutorials, to make and send theirs free pieced name to her. She would like to do a quilt with all the names.

I think this is really a cute idea...so I made the mine using solids fabrics in spring colors.

I hope she will like it.

So I did a very boring work....I marked the quilting line on the Single Girl top....really long and boring work....but now the sandwich is ready to be quilted.

3 commenti:

  1. Love the name quilt! But I have to say I really like the Single Girl top.the colors are great!

  2. It's beautiful Nichi, I love it already!

  3. Wonderful job on your name! I had such difficulty with those letters, like I had a brain block or something.
    PS - I love that you used solid colors.


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