Camera case

I have realized my camera needed a case and I have looked for a cute one...but uselessly.

So I have decided to make by myself.

OK,OK...it hasn't a first quality trimmings but is colorful, easy and unique.

So I love this fabric. I never used it for the large scale design difficult to combine...but here is perfect.

Yes, I like my homemade camera case.

5 commenti:

  1. Come bella!
    It's a wonderful camera case. I should make one for my camera.

  2. Love it and I really love the fabric! Great job.

  3. Ah! SOMETHING BESIDES A QUILT! hmmm, yep, I really need to make a new ironing board cover..., and a camera case...and a 9 patch quilt, and.....

    Very Cute Nichi!

  4. Your camera will be very happy in it's new, cute home! Good job!


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