Improv patches

Today I made same free-style letters with the fantastic Tonya's tutorial for the first time. I'm rather pleased but what do the blogger think about?....please, honest opinions! I have thought to placed it together some little patches to make a baby quilt. If someone have a nice idea I will be happy to know.

I have received this new book yesterday. I saw that many of you recommended it....and as always you have been right: the book is fantastic! All the quilts in are original and rich of inspiration.

I recommend it too.

3 commenti:

  1. I love your letters and the little houses and things. That will be a wonderful baby quilt when you get it all put together.

  2. the blocks look great! The polka dot fabric works really nice on your letters! nice job! You have done well, sometimes I find the first time we try something is often our best, since we haven't yet cluttered our brains with to much info.. It is continuing to make these kind of blocks with out preconceiving the finished product that can be the hardest to do!

  3. Wow! Those blocks look fabulous! I don't even want to show you how my first "letter" blocks looked! I love how the colors you chose gave a shadowing effect!


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