I have ended the "red sampler" so named because have placed in the most common classic blocks. I made the outer border with 60 squares made to the same striped fabric used for the sashing ( as I have learned on Kaffe Fassett books).

The backing is in solid orange and purple.

I'm pleased with my work....I like it.

I wrote the name ( red quilt) on the inner border...

...are you able to see?

... this? ...I'm behind the quilt!

Now the goal is to finish the "single girl" quilt by Denise Schmidt http://dsquilts.com/(...I absolutely love her).

Meanwhile Trudy is going to check the new quilt...

5 commenti:

  1. What a wonderful quilt! And trudy seems to love it too!

  2. Beautiful! I like your hexagons, too!

  3. Oltre ad essere bello il tuo red sampler, sono bellissime anche le stoffe che hai utilizzato!!!!.....e veramente e' bello tutto il blog...complimenti!

  4. I absolutely LOVE your red quilt, and yes, I could see the name stitched in.. clever.

  5. I LOVE all your colorful quilts. Thanks for visiting my blog. If you visit New England in the winter dress warm!


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